Why porridge?

Why choose porridge?

We decided that a daily meal of porridge would be the best choice, both nutritionally and economically.

Whilst most of the children are currently receiving maize flour porridge, we are supporting the trialling of an innovative school food, developed by Florence Muranga, Professor of Nutrition at Makerere University, in Kampala. The study is being carried out by her PhD student, Miriam Kanyago.
Three groups will be fed banana flour porridge – each with different nutrients added – with those eating maize flour porridge as a control group.
A range of data will then be looked at to demonstrate the impact of the different foods on variables such as the children’s health, their level of absenteeism and their school achievement.

…and why banana porridge?


o It’s easily stored

o It can be quickly reconstituted – and is therefore an instant porridge

o It makes an ideal base for enriching with minerals, protein and vitamins

o It’s an indigenous plant, a local staple, and its production will generate income for the community.