• Bees on the farm

    It is common knowledge that bee populations are declining everywhere,  and so we are delighted to announce that The Kasiisi Project is now becoming a partner in bee-keeping in Uganda. We are now hosting beehives on our farm, working with local research scientists to trial “bee-fences” as a deterrent to crop raiding elephants and spreading the importance of bees to our students. At least three of the hives have already been colonised.

    Bees are wonderful – for example honey bees will tap about two million flowers and fly 50,000 miles  to make one pound of honey. And then there is their vital role in pollinating our food. So we are delighted that our partners, the Kasiisi Project, are including them with chimps (who don’t like getting stung but love honey ) and elephants (who plain hate bees), to their growing list of animals of special interest.

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