• 1020 new chicks arrive – funded by our UK “BUY A CHICK” campaign

    Our egg sales have been so successful that a whole new set of chicks have now been purchased to continue the income generation designed to offset the bill for the children’s daily porridge.  An organisation called SCIMP (four churches in Stevenage, UK) have pledged the funds necessary to build a new chicken house, which will be ready for these chicks as they grow bigger. Thank you SCIMP. Thank you too to those who helped (or are still helping) to  raise funds for the chicks! The schools and retail outlets involved are: Dunton Lower School, Cambridge International School, Denbigh High School, Sawston Community College, Franklins of Thorncote, Hillfoot in Langford, Ashwell Pilates Group, Hitchin Language Centre, Thorne’s Poultry Centre, Maxwell’s Salon, Biggleswade. We’re grateful to all of them.

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