• Group donations and grants received in the past 2 years

    As the school farm develops, and porridge continues to be provided, it seems a good moment to record some of the sources of our recent funds. Money comes from many generous individuals, and also from a wide variety of organisations. Donations which have been made by groups and trusts over the last two years are listed below.

    November 2012:

    £100 from Wrestlingworth Women’s Institute

    October 2012:

    £210 from St. Peter’s Church, Wrestlingworth, Harvest Thanksgiving Service

    £500 from Liverpool Charity and Voluntary Services

    £178 from Wrestlingworth Lower School

    August 2012:

    £325 from IBM UK Trust

    July 2012:

    £420 from King Edward VI High School for Girls, Edgbaston

    £102.00 from Denbigh High School

    £30 from Steeple Morden Over 60s Club

    May 2012:

    £250 from Biggleswade Rotary Club

    April 2012:

    £50 from LEAVEN (St Nicholas Church Ladies’ Group, Stevenage)

    March 2012:

    £1000 from the Father O’Mahoney Memorial Trust

    February 2012:

    £150 from Martin Pierce Associates Ltd.

    January 2012:

    £10,000 from Souter Charitable Trust

    £800 from Scott Bader’s Small International Fund

    £523.43 St Andrew’s Church, Biggleswade

    December 2011:

    £2,500 from Open Gate

    £4000 from Marr Munning’s Joan Honour Tribute Fund

    October 2011:

    £500 from Walter Guinness Charitable Trust

    £120 from Wrestlingworth Lower School

    September 2011:

    £943 from Cambridge International Prep School

    July 2011:

    £110 from Denbigh High School

    £1062 from Steeple Morden Primary School, Cambs

    £393 from Stondon Lower School, Beds

    June 2011:

    £100 from Modiano Charitable Trust

    £490 from North Herts College, Stevenage

    May 2011:

    £200 from Biggleswade Rotary Club, Beds

    £250 from Charles & Sadie Berman Trust

    April 2011:

    £40 from Wrestlingworth Lower School, Beds

    March 2011:

    £30 from Bassingbourn United Reform Church, Cambs

    £500 from St. Columbus United Reform Church, Cambridge

    £30 from Woodbridge Women’s Institute, Suffolk

    February 2011:

    £60 from Sutton Lower School, Beds

    January 2011:

    £250 from Orpington Rotary club, Kent

    £200 from Biggleswade Rotary Club, Beds

    Sponsored events:

    In 2011 / 12, four people achieved extraordinary feats and were all generously sponsored. The following have our huge admiration and great thanks:

    In 2012:

    Hannah Durden not only completed the Iron Man Challenge, an incredible triumph in itself, but was the second woman to finish. She raised £1656 for our project.
    Pat Smith walked some 500 miles of the pilgrims’ Camino to Santiago de Compostela, doing it the hard way (no hotels), averaging 15.3 miles a day. He raised a massive £5000.

    In 2011:

    Robert Lee walked the entire Coast-to-Coast Path, which runs for 192 miles through the Lake District, the Pennines and the Yorkshire Moors, in just two weeks. He raised £2000 for our project.
    Ros White completed the Harlow Tye Rotary Club Charity Abseil, bravely descending 110 feet off Harlow Water Tower (for the second time!) and raised £1200.

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