• Nutrition project by Harvard students

    Harvard student Bonnie Lei (second from left) has taken up the cause of our Ugandan children’s nutrition.  Among the 8 members of her team is Dominic Akandwanaho, Kasiisi pupil turned Harvard scholar. In the picture we have Josh, Bonnie, Clara, Bernadette, Rachel, Kenneth, Dominic.  We look forward to hearing your progress, Bonnie and team!

    Here is what she says about their plans: “I’m an undergraduate student at Harvard passionate about conservation biology, food science and nutrition, and innovative education.  I found the ideal opportunity to further pursue the intersection of these interests with The Kasiisi Project.  I now lead the Kasiisi Team of Harvard undergraduates on developing and implementing projects in improving nutritional content of the students’ diet (in collaboration with the Kasiisi Porridge Project UK), and educational curriculum in nutrition and health (in collaboration with the Kibale Health and Conservation Project). Also, we are thinking of looking into additives to the porridge (such as groundnut and soya powder) to increase nutritional content in an economically feasible manner.”



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