• Whereabouts, Wine and Wool

    Spanish churches, cathedrals and villages do not go in for signage very much.  There are very few signs explaining where you are and what you are looking at.  This changed today when I was in Santo Domingo and the wonderful wonderful Cathedral suddenly sprouted signs in multiple languages.  After 200 miles of Spanish and Basque only, fantastic.

    The large churches tend to have the choir up the other end from the altar so you can hear the choir but still see the business end, so to speak.  Very sensible.

    When you meet other pilgrims on the road, they pronounce Buenos Dias in different ways.  The French pronounce it Bon Jour.

    Churches ring the hour twice, once about 2 minutes before the right time and the second 2 minutes after.  This is really useful if you did not count the number of bongs first time round.

    When you have been walking for 9 days, cars seem to travel very fast.

    Had my first glass of white Rioja today, just as I leave the region.  Even more gorgeous than red.  0.7 Euro!

    Merino is the best thing in the world!  I have a top made of this and it is warm in the cold, cool in the sun, does all the absorbing and wicking stuff and I can wear it for several days without getting whiffy.  No, really, that is not just me not noticing.  I am not mentioning the brand yet as I am holding out for a sizable donation.  Come on, you know who you are, this blog is read by literally people, as many as some.  Think what an endorsement would do to your world wide sales!  A 1,000 pound donation to this charity and you will have exclusive rights to all kit messaging.  Can’t say fairer than that!

    Have I said that Northern Spain is the most beautiful place in the world?

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  1. Pat says:

    I was also worried that I was enjoying it too much but now the blisters have kicked in and it is not so enjoyable!

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