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    Well, that was a fun three days! In a blatant attempt to improve flagging interest in the blog, I decided to stop making it look easy and hit a few problems along the way (essential if the screenplay is to gain real interest in Hollywood). So on Friday, instead of viewing the 15th Century Cathedral in Astorga or the Gaudi Bishops’ Palace, I was in my 4th Urgencias in front of my 4th solemn-faced doctor and nurse (who again were female – all medical staff in Spain are female and do not speak any English). This time, the feet were OK – I had a swollen right lower leg – some tendinitis or something. Anyway – nothing she could do – just take ibuprofen and rest for 24 to 48 hours. So I decided to take the taxi to the next stage the following day and rest there.

    That night, however, I was violently sick and had diarrhea which is tricky in a full dormitorio where the cold toilet is through a very squeaky door and down a long, cold corridor. I shall have to change these details for the screenplay – a short-term disease with rather more picturesque symptoms – 24 hour leukaemia, perhaps. Got through the night (waking everyone at least twice). Felt weak as a day old puppy the following morning. Was just able to pack and leave. Abandoned idea of doing anything that day, went to nearest hotel, checked in at 9am, made it to bedroom, took off boots and trousers and collapsed onto bed for 24 hours sleep.

    Anyway, 24 hours stretched to 48 and I left there this morning, took a bus to the next stage but one and completed the stage on foot. Part of the reason for dong this was making sure that all the people who had moved on were not too worried about me. I have now caught them up and have been able to reassure them. Oh, but the sheer heaven of a hotel room! Your own room with sheets on the bed. Hot water! No snoring. Warm. Anyway, I am now back in an albergue but in a private room in case it happens again. Still weak, can only eat a few things, feet and leg just about OK. So we will try to press on tomorrow.

    Now, who to play me in the film? I know what you are thinking. Gregory Peck in his prime! Well, yes, the obvious choice but he is not available right now. Who else?

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  1. Professor Beck says:

    Sorry to hear about your troubles Pat, but I bet you enjoyed the prolonged snooze. Well deserved one feels. In answer to your question, how about Danny DeVito? How’s the weather holding up? Are you growing moss on the outside of your backpack?

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