• Two strange stories today; one I know to be true.

    The first concerns a pilgrim family who stopped in Santo Domingo De Calzada many years ago.  They consisted of a husband and wife and their son.  The daughter in the hostal where they stayed took a shine to the son but he ignored her.  So she placed a silver goblet in his bag and had him arrested for robbery.  He was tried, convicted and hanged.  His parents continued on the pilgrimage to Santiago and returned by the same route.  When they arrived back at Santo Domingo, their son was still hanging there and was, amazingly, still alive.  They went to the mayor to have him cut down.  He was having dinner and said that “if your boy is still alive, these chickens that I am eating will get up and walk away”.  Which they promptly did.  To this day, a cock and two hens are always kept in the Cathedral, as you can see from the picture.  I saw them.

    The second story is almost as strange.  One day, earlier in the walk, I came across a young, rather plump American boy sitting in the path.  He was a pilgrim but was tired.  Could I help him?  No, he would walk on later.  He did not have a hat.  Did he have water?  No.  Could I give him mine?  Again, no.  So I went on, feeling somewhat guilty but knowing there would be many pilgrims going past him in the next few hours.  I heard of him again yesterday.  He had again felt faint during a walk one day, this time through a wood.  Nobody was coming along so he lit a distress flare!  A nearby camping Dane saw the flare and went to provide assistance – he was only 10 minutes from the town so it was not difficult.  When asked how he had got a flare, he said he had three – the result of an over-protective mother!!  How did he get them over here?  He had checked them in on the plane no problem.

    Which is the stranger?

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