• Pat’s walk takes shape


    Well, it is the end of the 5th day and over 110 kms completed.  The days are beginning to take shape, a bit like this.  I stay in an Albergue where you get a bed and a shower and somewhere to wash your clothes for anything between 4 and 10 euros.  The have all been clean and excellent.  Some people get up at 4am to start the walk (Celeste, you were right!) but most between 6.30 and 7.30.  I am one of the later ones.  You start when it is dark and the full moon in the clear sky has helped.  The sun rises about 7.45 and you get extraordinary views across the red earth, green vines and purple hills.  The attached picture shows Cirauqui in the early hours.  I hope it comes out all right.  I tend to walk for 3 hours to break the back of the stage.  I will then have a tortilla and cafe and then do the rest of the walk.  I am typically getting into the next place early afternoon.  I find a bed, have a shower, spend some time stretching and doing the patent Alban MacDonald feet care regime (which has worked brilliantly, Alban – no feet issues at all!), wash stuff, write up my journal, explore, rest and read and then go out for the main meal of the day.  This is a pilgrim menu at one of the local restaurants – about 8 to 11 euros for 3 courses with a free bottle of local wine (very good).  Then in bed before 10 am ready for the next day.  What a life!  One slight problem, the AD foot process requires putting vasoline on the feet and then wearing thin socks.  Very good but, but but but but it does mean that I am walking round Spain in socks under my sandals!

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