• Mansilla de las Mullas

    End of stage 19, will be in Leon tomorrow. Last night was not so good. Got into bed and found it was 6 inches too short. So had to sleep on the floor. I got a blanket and folded it over on top of the dog’s blanket on the stone floor and slept on them. OK for the first part of the night but cold and discomfort woke me later and kept me awake. I roamed round a bit trying to find more blankets but the other pilgrims were using them, selfish things. Tried sleeping on back, sides, front – nothing seemed to work. Was very pleased when the 7am alarms began to go off. Set off in the rain and the dark – no great sun rise today. Went by the old Roman road again but after 3 hours I had to cut across to the road as the stones and rocks of the old road was hurting my feet. Some very un–pilgrim–like swearing was taking place and the only person within view in any direction was me so I guess it was me who was doing it. Found a cafe for breakfast at 11.30 after 4 hours walking – over 20 kms – most welcome. I am now in Mansilla de las Mullas (of the Mules) which has a 30 foot plus high, 10 foot deep 12th century wall round it, keeping the modern world out. If I can upoload the photo, you will see this. Walking today with wooley hat and gloves – warmer but it is definitely getting colder and we are all suffering. It seems that the Albergues do not turn the heating on till November so we must expect of the cold for the rest of the trip. I guess that is what it used to be like for pilgrims in the past. I found out yesterday that the Cathedral at Santiago will be doing its thing with the Thurible on 1st November. I believe that the Cathedral has a 6 foot high Thurible which it fills with incense and swings in a huge arch right down the length of the church. It used to do this all the time to ward off the smell of the pilgrims. However, it is only done rarely now and it will happen the day after I get there (if all continues to go well!!). This is brilliant luck. Leon tomorrow…

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  1. Sue Oliver says:

    Keep on going Pat !!
    Well done for reaching the half way stage….
    ….not long til you will back at St.Pancras –
    I presume?

  2. Pat says:

    No time at all. I am flying bacxk to Stansted on 2 Nov. Train from Santiago takes for ever.

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