• Burgos

    Well, I am afraid I have overdone it.  35 km yesterday and my feet have a number of blisters.  I had sent my pack on before me, the feet feeling a bit dubious but that did not help.  I had to go to the clinic yesterday and they bandaged up the feet but said no walking today so I have been confined to Burgos.  Not the worst place in the world with the most fabulous cathedral you can imagine.  The best so far which is really saying something.  This is the town of El Cid and he is burried in the cathedral – I am walking past his house tomorrow.  However, I have now fallen behind the group I was walking with and will probably not seem them again.  Still, more friends to meet coming up behind.  The walk itself was very interesting – I went through Atapuerca where the earliest human ancesters have been found – encampments going back 1 million years.

    Not a huge amount to do in towns between 12.30 and 5pm as everything closes – churches, museums, art galaries, tourist information places, everywhere.  If you do not want the Spanish 3 hour lunch and siesta, you are not in good shape.  I made the mistake of spending most of the morning in the cathedral, which is open later.  I went into a tapas bar at lunchtime.  Professor Beck had adviced that I try alubias so I asked for it at the bar.  The barman had already indicated his impatience at my attempts to speak (twirling his forefinger round and round), so when I asked for this, he looked puzzled.  Did I mean that?  I explained that “mi amigo habla es bueno” – not sure if that is right but he seemed to understand.  He came out with a bowl of a cross between a red bean soup and gravey, with spicey sausage and green chiles and green peppers on this side.  It was fantastic.  It was a primaero course but, like always, quite enough on its own.  Thanks, Frank.  Looking forward now to trying favada asturiana, his other recommendation.

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  1. Professor Beck says:

    Glad you enjoyed the alubias Patrick. Hate to disappoint you but favada asturiana is pretty much the same thing! Can also suggest croquetas (croquettes) as a quick nibble somewhere.

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