• Can upload photos now so here are two – one for yesterday and one today.  The first one shows a house with a big yellow arrow.  The yellow arrow (Flecha amarilla) is the sign of the Camino.  This one is very big so a caption like “Hard to get lost on this walk” would be appropriate.

    The second is of a church in Calzada de Coto from today.  They don´t have much stone round here so the churches are beginning to be made of brick.  Most fall down.  A caption that covers this would be good.

    Another glorious day today but cold in the morning.  I stopped off in Sahagun on the way to buy a wooley hat and gloves and more socks.  She had piles of them – it is about this time that pilgrims begin to realise that they are moving from the warm east to the cold, windy and wet west.  Today, I travelled by one of the oldest and best preserved Roman roads in the country.  There are two routes for the Camino here and this one is the less travelled by.  Certainly, I walked for about 5 miles without seeing anyone which even here is unusual – very peaceful.  The churches have also changed to brick as there is little stone (despite what you see in the fields).  They tend to fall down and many of the earliest either do not exist or are in ruins.

    I was sitting in one village, resting my feet, when a couple of pilgrims came past and asked me who my friend was.  I turned round and there was a massive Great Dane right behind me.  No idea how long he had been there.  One of the others walked over to him and he ran off in fright.  There seem to be a number of perros here that live off the pilgrims and tend to make a nuisance of themselves, particularly if a member of the party gives them some food.  One dog followed us for a couple of kilometres yesterday.

    Finally tried something new today – two pairs of socks.  Many people have told me about this, how it would reduce blisters, etc.  I tried some 1,000 mile socks which have 2 layers but did not like them.  Anyway, tried the new ones today and they were brilliant.  29 kms and fresh as a daisy when I got here.

    Came across the first books in English left at an Albergue last night.  Usually there are many books left by pilgrims for others but, for some reason, none in English.  Then last night two of them.  One was a book called the Red Planet.  It is a short book (40 odd pages) about how the Earth is about to be taken over by aliens from Mars and Venus.  The other one was on safety plays in Bridge so I caught up a bit on that.  So I am in good shape to go back to the Potton Thursday evening Bridge Club when I get back but in less good shape if aliens attack.  I guess I will take my chance.

    A couple of days and I will be in Leon.  Getting on!!

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