• 39 kms from Santiago

    Another wonderful day´s walking. 27kms of great weather, great countryside, quiet. Not a cloud all day and I was in the hills so the sunrise was dramatic. The picture shows a wood I was walking through when the sunlight began to move down, lighting from the top down. We have been incredibly lucky with the weather – I was speaking today to a British cyclist who has a house near Cahors who has cycled from there (a friend told him that he was going the following day and he joined him!). He has had masses of rain on the way. In fact, I believe that the walkers one to two weeks behind us are having a terrible time. Also, the various albergues and restaurants are closing down behind us for the end of the season so that must be diffult too.

    I am now 39 kms from Santiago – may make an attempt to do the whole thing tomorrow. I will do the first half and see how I feel. We were told that many people would be joining us over the last 5 days to do the minimum to get their certificate and that we should not feel either smug about our greater effort or angry about them. However, there has not been a noticeable increase in numbers the last couple of days. I feel like summarising some of the things that I have not mentioned so far. So, in no particular order:

    First, my back. It has always been a bit dodgy. Also, in the mornings, it is always stiff, particularly if I have slept more than 7 hours. Here I am sleeping 8 or 9 hours every night in various types of bed and so bed and it has been great throughout. Not stiff once. Obviously, it likes carrying a rucksack around. What will it be like when I go back to normal living? What will I be like?

    Second, contact lenses. I usually drop, damage, lose, whatever one every month or so. They have been perfect. Thirdly, general health. I have been out in all weathers. Been hot and sweaty, cold and sweaty, been in every kind of cold damp, hot dry condition and not a sniffle. Again, brilliant if inexplicable. Also, slept really well every night – perhaps not surprising in the circumstances. In fact, general health and welfare has been excellent.

    Do I need to be more active when I get home? Is golf not enough for me? Hmmm. Home.

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