• 3 days to go

    Two great days walking in Galicia, described in the Book as “rural Galicia at its best, wet and green with the sweet smell and squelch of liquid cow dung underfoot”. I need to find a washing machine the day before I meet Liz, borrow a towel to wear and throw everything, everything into it. I said to someone earlier that, after 30 days walking and with only 3 to go, I can almost smell Santiago. He said that it could certainly smell me. I have not mentioned before that we have been walking through woods of oak and Spanish sweet chestnuts. You can hear the chestnuts falling as you walk along and there and women collecting them in the mornings for roasting later on.

    I thought I would include a picture of some of the team. Not sure who the chap on the left is but the others are Jim from Glasgow, Simon from Melbourne, Ken from Dublin and Tom from Ottawa. Chartered accountant, chef, school Principal and technical writer respectively. There is muck scandal I could give you about each and will do so unless suitable (large) donations appear in the next 24 hours on my Just Giving page. Four nicer people you could not meet, very like pretty well everyone else on the walk. We have all been through a lot together and, after next week, may never see each other again. All in their different ways working stuff through with success, I judge.

    Strange, really. There is not a lot more to say, anymore. We just get up, get ready to leave, walk 20 to 30 kms, find somewhere to stay, move in, write some stuff, have dinner and go to bed. Then do it again tomorrow.

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  1. Sue says:

    Keep going Pat !!
    Off to Uganda soon – so hear about your experiences in December.
    Crack open a bottle to celebrate when you get to the finish line.

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