• 200 miles under his belt and some random thoughts in his head

    Good news for all men!  The Korean man who I thought was carrying his wife´s pack is not doing so!  When I saw them, she was feeling tired so had sent her pack on ahead for one day, which you can do, apparently.  The following day, she had it again.  Let me check – is it as big as his?  Not quite.  But then he is nearly as tall as me and she is as petite as, well as someone else.

    End of stage 8, a quarter of the way there, mas o menos.  200 kms done, 600 to do.  Legs, knees, hips, etc all OK – feet not perfect but bearing up.  Did my first 30 km walk today in no shade in what they are calling over here their “little summer”.  It will continue to be nice this week – may be worse next.  Walking through the Rioja region.  Was a bit worried that the 5€ vino de la casa would disappear but no.  Very low prices and pure tempranillo heaven in the mouth.  Bit of a scandal here – two Canadian women travelling together – one is going by bus from stage to stage but claiming her full certification.  Well I suppose I must be charitable.

    What am I missing most?  Well, you can guess that already.  Yes, handkerchiefs.  Nothing nicer than taking a freshly laundered and ironed handkerchief out of the drawer in the morning, shaking it out, cleaning your glasses with it, slipping it into your pocket.  You are ready to face the day with confidence!  These paper things!  Use one once and you cannot put your hand into your pocket again without concern.  I guess this is what it is like to be a woman!  Oh well, must get on.  I have promises to keep and kilometres to go before I sleep and kilometres to go before I sleep.  No.  Doesn´t work, does it?  Thank goodness that Robert Frost was American.

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  1. Professor Beck says:

    Excellent pics and updates, Pat. What are the albergues like? Are they full or do you get some privacy?

    “Queiro comprar un pañuelo blanco de seda – el mas caro que tengas” should help you overcome morning glasses cleaning issues. Another top tip – When befriending fellow travellers of American persuasion, try ..”Quién ganó el Ryder Cup? Se me ha olivado el resultado”

    Looking forward to the next instalment of the rucksack / coach / journalist / wine news updates.

  2. Professor Beck says:

    10-6 down at the end of day 3 and the European Team turned it around on the final day to win 14.5 – 13.5. Incredible sporting drama. You must be half way through or thereabouts by now?

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