• Director, Kate, and daughter, Isobel, visit Kasiisi

    Kate and Isobel visited Kasiisi Primary School, Kyanyawara Primary School and the School Farm, in June 2012.  Isobel took her camera to make a new video for our website.   The visit included several meetings with our Ugandan partners, the Kasiisi Forest Schools Project, to discuss the progress of the Porridge Project and plans for the future.  One exciting new initiative has been the construction of a biodigester at Kasiisi School, built by a team of US West Point cadets, under the direction of Ugandan engineer Vianney. It shouldn’t be long before the porridge is cooked using gas generated from school latrines!  Meanwhile the hens on the farm are laying some 450 eggs a day, which are sold locally.  The 6 new female piglets are happy and healthy.  At Kyanyawara School, bananas, pineapples and mangos are among the crops being grown to supplement the porridge and to improve the health of the HIV children in the school.

    KFSP Board Members at work

    The biodigester under construction at Kasiisi

    School Farm hens and eggs!

    The new piglets in their new eucalyptus home

    Kyanyawara School – Kate with Headteacher Josephine

    Isobel filming for the Kasiisi Porridge Project

    Kyanyawara pupils harvesting bananas

    Kate with Kasiisi Headteacher, Lydia

    Lydia with this year’s academic trophy – they came second in Kabarole District. Porridge helps the body and the mind!

    Kasiisi pupils enjoying porridge

    After school chores have to be done before any evening meal such as fetching water

    and collecting firewood.

    Kate, Doreen, Sam, Isobel



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