• Congratulations to Dominic – Kasiisi’s first Harvard student

    Akandwanaho Dominic is a former Kasiisi Primary School pupil who had a Kasiisi Project scholarship to go to secondary school.

    Our director Kate met him in 2008 when he was at the the second of his secondary schools, Valley College in Bushenyi. He then went on to St Mary’s College in Kisubi. He comes from a subsistence farming family, with an illiterate mother. He had to walk 8 miles to school and back every day.

    This week Akandwanaho Dominic gained admission to Harvard University, and has also been offered a place at Boston College and University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

    Congratulations to him – what an incredible achievement! We’re delighted that his hard work has resulted in such a fantastic opportunity.

    You can read more about this over at the http://www.kasiisiproject.org/blog website: http://www.kasiisiproject.org/2012/03/31/kasiisi-scholar-gains-admission-to-harvard/

    The Kasiisi Porridge Project UK is grateful to have played a part in his success.  With your support we can give more schoolchildren a chance to fulfill their potential. To find out more, head to our Donate page . . .

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