• Matt Parker and Rob Mawson’s trip to Kasiisi

    Matt and Rob with Farm Project Manager Mathew and newly-appointed farmer, Joseph, beginning to make the dream come true.

    UK architects Matt Parker and Rob Mawson are back home now, after doing a wonderful job with our Ugandan partners, developing a School Farm. Self-sufficiency is the aim.

    First, bricks are made...

    Timber must be prepared and a plot for the farm latrine:


    The undergrowth is cleared with a machete,


    The beginnings of a chicken house appears


    More work on the double, 40 ft latrine:

    Joseph outside his temporary house and store, with temporary water barrels:

    The latrine has an experimental rammed earth wall.  If successful, this technique will be used for other buildings.

    A few things are free – Joseph found wild honey on the farm and collected it for the worker:

    Wild honey

    Then he cooked a meal for everyone, before starting on tree planting (an avocado tree in this case).

    Finally, after 6 weeks, Matt and Rob are treated to a well-earned farewell drink.  They hope to revisit before long.

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