• Building for the future . . .

    Two dynamic young architects from Sheffield University, Matthew Parker and Robert Mawson, have volunteered to go to Uganda for 6-8 weeks this summer. They will design a School Farm to be built on the land bought by the KPP, now owned by the Kibale Forest Schools and Students Support Project.  In April they visited the National Trust’s Wimpole Hall Farm to get some advice from Callum and Alex, on rearing pigs and chickens, in preparation for their discussions with our Ugandan partners on the design of the farm complex in Uganda.

    Matt and Rob come well equipped for this initiative, having already built a community kitchen in rural Nicaragua.  The plans for Uganda are set to include a farm manager’s house, labourers’ quarters and animal structures.

    As in Nicaragua, they are keen to combine their skills as trained architects with the knowledge and wishes of the local people, working closely with them. The aim is to benefit not only the schoolchildren, but also the wider community. Who knows, we might see the creation of facilities for education, food preparation and even visitors.  This generous offer by Matt and Rob has opened up the opportunity to encourage innovative and sustainable building designs.  We greatly look forward to working with them.

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