• Fundraising in 2010

    2010 was very busy for the Kasiisi Porridge Project. The gallery below shows a small sample of the year’s activities.

    All our Christmas Sales 2010 went off successfully. Thank you to everyone who gave their help and support. Here is a small sample of the crafts we sold at our sales – handmade Ugandan baskets and bowls:

    Stondon Lower School in Bedfordshire held a “Porridge Stall” as part of their Christmas Fair. Dig in and find a prize!  The children on their School Council came up with the idea.

    The same enterprising school held a Score A Goal for Hunger tournament – their first fundraiser for the Kasiisi Porridge Project, the charity they have chosen to support this year. But they didn’t use any old football – they made one out of plastic bags, having learnt that that’s what the children of Kasiisi and Kyanyawara do.

    On the corporate level, Selex Systems Integration in Welwyn Garden City offered their Conference Room for a lunchtime sale of crafts attended by many of the company.

    They have already funded the water tank seen projected onto the screen in this image

    The snow and rain held off for the December Potton Four Seasons Market, where the Porridge Project made a strong showing!

    We started a Pounds for Porridge campaign earlier in the year.  With £20 from our funds, you see how much you can raise in three months – doing anything you choose to increase the amount.  So far the record is held by Anna-Marie from London who chose to ask her friends for pounds in return for “posh nosh” – £15 each in fact.  She made over £150 and here’s how:

    Three Bedford schoolgirls from Hong Kong also did well in the Pounds for Porridge campaign – they sold Chinese and English goodies to their school friends and made fundraising games.  Xie Xie!

    At the Bedfordshire Young Farmers Country Fair on 22 May we took £245 at our sale of Ugandan crafts.

    On Saturday 8th May 2010 another choir raised money for us!

    The Orpington and District Free Church Choir, with the Forest Philharmonic, conducted by William Petter, sang Mozart’s Requiem.  William also conducted his father, Hugh Petter, playing Mozart’s Piano Concerto No 23. The Kasiisi Porridge Project was the charity the choir had chosen to support for this superb concert. £485.00 was raised from donations at the exit door.

    In April 2010 Cambridge International Prep School raised an amazing £1000 for the Porridge Project when the children did a sponsored night walk and sleepover.

    The night walk!


    And a sleepover....

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