• Farmland!

    At the end of January we acquired 20 acres of farmland near Kasiisi Primary School.

    Bordered by a stream on one side, which will greatly aid irrigation, and by a papyrus swamp on another, mixed cash crops are envisaged, to maintain the funding of the Kasiisi Porridge Project well into the future.

    After the administrative hurdles of surveying and registration, now come many decisions on the nuts and bolts of the operation of the plot.  The new owners, our partner body in Uganda – the Kibale Forest Schools Students Support Project (Feeding) – are already working hard on these questions, but the first step towards a self-sustaining school meal programme has been taken.

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  1. Krystal says:

    Dominic will always be wemloce at Stacy Mountain Farm in the White Moutains of New Hampshire ,only 2 hours from Harvard.. We are so happy for Dominic, his family and the Kasiisi Project.David and Emilie

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