• What Happened at Kasiisi in 2009?

    1000 children started receiving a daily mug of porridge – their first school meal ever.

    In February 2009 two trustees visited Kasiisi, painted classrooms, took new footballs and even a trombone. They also saw the great progress made with the buildings onsite, pictured left.

    In June 2008 a group of Kasiisi Porridge Project trustees and friends from the UK visited Kasiisi Primary School.

    Banana Porridge Trails

    Full trials of the banana flour porridge started on 25th May 2009. They are being conducted by Miriam Kanyago, under the supervision of Professor Florence Muranga of Makerere University in Kampala and  the Presidential Initiative on Banana Industrial Development (PIBID).

    Here they are queuing outside their newly built kitchen

    Until the dining room is finished, they eat their porridge wherever they can find

    At Kanyawara they are still waiting for a new kitchen. Meanwhile, porridge is being served in a temporary field kitchen, until funds are found to build the kitchen.

    It all started on 30 March 2009, when Guest of Honour Dr Emily Otali handed the very first mug of porridge to the Head Girl of Kasiisi Primary School.  This was the day that the dreams of the Porridge Project finally started to be realised.  Great thanks are due to all our supporters who have helped this exciting day to arrive.

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