• 2008 – Where is your money going?


    The water supply on the site is now much more secure. The previously existing plastic water barrels, with taps that were often vandalised, now have concrete protective exteriors, and lockable taps.



    The latrines at the school are woefully inadequate, as seen here. However, thanks to the John Humphrys Kitchen Table Charities Trust, who have donated £4000, new ones are being built.


    The Headteacher, Lydiah Kasenene indicating the slab of the new girls’ latrine which will have a shower room for the first time.



    Under the leadership of the Charities Committee Chair, Yvette Croucher, Cadwalader have raised over £12,000 for our charity.  A significant proportion of this is being used to build a kitchen, to produce the porridge:

    Cadwalader representative Emma Osbaldeston lays a foundation brick.

    Painting of classrooms

    The walls of two classrooms received new coats of paint.


    Forging links


    The trustees held a meeting to discuss the feeding programme with members of AFROKAPS

    A working lunch was held with PIBID Researcher Jolly Gonahasa, to talk about the banana porridge initiative

    School letter project

    Trustee Jenny Ream brought letters to the Kasiisi children written by her pupils at Wrestlingworth Lower School in Bedfordshire. The Kasiisi children read them and wrote their replies, with drawings reflecting their lives and interests.

    Welcome assembly

    The school expressed their gratitude to all their donors in the form of singing and dancing for their visitors.


    The children make their own footballs out of plastic bags, but are delighted to have new ones:

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  1. Ragde says:

    Such a wonderful and iasripationnl project! A lot of hard work is leading to some really fantastic results and with additional funds the project could achieve so much more. Great work.

    • Karbhari says:

      Really nice to hear about the amazing thnigs you’re achieving by providing what should be a basic necessity for all, but sadly isn’t. It’s fantastic what can be achieved through the power of porridge!

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